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  •  6 WEEKS (5-7HRS/WK)
  •  $2,650
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Leading Teams with AI
Course Description

Unlock the power of AI. Leverage and execute AI to maximise your team’s impact.

Create impact as a manager and leader by using AI to propel your team's performance

Leading Teams with AI is a short course which explores the potential of Generative AI in your organisation, team environment and group projects.

Explore the historical context of AI, essential leadership skills for the AI-driven landscape, and crucial legal, privacy and ethical considerations to ensure the responsible application of AI.

Learn to identify high-impact AI opportunities, select suitable tools, and navigate implementation seamlessly. From managing team transitions to optimizing AI impact, gain practical skills to drive change in your workplace.

Our course provides foundational knowledge and expertise to navigate AI integration confidently, aligning with organisational values and legal requirements.

Join us on this journey to propel your team and leadership forward, leveraging AI for innovation and success.

Who should enrol

Mid- career to senior professionals

Our new short course is tailored for mid-career business professionals who oversee teams and manage multifaceted projects involving various stakeholders.

We cater to ambitious individuals eager to streamline processes, enhance decision-making agility, and gain confidence in harnessing AI and emerging technologies in their work environments. Our audience seeks to responsibly adopt and leverage new technologies to drive impactful changes within their teams and spheres of influence.

Why study the Leading Teams with AI short course?

Acquire essential knowledge of the value, uses and impact of AI in organisations

  • Understand the purpose, evolution and potential of AI in business environments.
  • Learn about the risks, responsibilities and benefits for leaders who use AI to manage teams.
  • Understand key applications of Generative AI and identify your potential use cases.

Determine opportunities to maximise your team's performance and impact using AI

  • Plot your team processes and determine elements needing efficiency.
  • Become a data-driven leader who fosters a data-centric work culture.
  • Use key metrics to demonstrate tangle benefits of using AI to improve your workflows.

Learn how to evaluate, select and implement AI tools in your team and organisation

  • Explore and experiment with tools to evaluate the best options for your use case.
  • Learn the practical steps to assessing organisational suitability, readiness and buy-in for adopting AI tools.
  • Create an implementation plan to enable your team's successful adoption of AI tools.

What will you study in the Leading Teams with AI course?

Explore key AI concepts, evolution, and practical applications within team dynamics, while evaluating the balance between innovation and responsible AI implementation. Learn about the leadership skills needed for an AI-driven business environment.

Learn how to identify and quantify opportunities for AI integration within your organisation by fostering a data-centric team culture. Pinpoint high-impact opportunities for AI integration that deliver tangible value to your organisation.

Explore critical considerations for responsibly integrating AI into team workflows. Delve into topics including privacy, transparency, and fairness to ensure ethical AI implementation is aligned with organisational values and legal requirements.

Gain expertise in selecting the most suitable generative AI tools for your organisation's needs. Explore and safely experiment with Generative AI tools, and learn best practices for prompting.

Learn the critical steps for successful AI implementation within your organisation. Understand the important practicalities of introducing AI tools into your organisational context.

Discover effective methods for monitoring and measuring the impact of AI. Develop strategies for continuous improvement, quality assurance, and staying updated with emerging AI technologies and trends to ensure the sustained success of AI integration.

Teaching Team

Frequently asked questions

The course fee is $2,650.

Live sessions are an important and valuable part of the Melbourne Business School Online learning experience. Whatever the form of the live session, whether a lecture, a panel discussion with experts, working through relevant case studies, or receiving a practical demonstration of a tool, each live session is purpose built, interactive and highly beneficial to attend live.

We want everyone to be able to participate in our learning community, even if you can't make it to the live sessions. That's why we record all our sessions and make them available to watch later.


Please be aware:

1. dates and times may be subject to change

2. times given are local Melbourne time (AEST) 


Live session dates and times will appear here once scheduled.

No, there are no pre-course work requirements, with the exception of access to a computer/device and a stable internet connection. There will be an orientation module in the first week of the course, which we strongly recommend you work through to set yourself up for success in the program.

Every short course will start with an orientation module that opens at 3pm (local Melbourne time) on the Thursday prior to Monday’s official course start date.

Melbourne Business School Online will release the first module of the course at 9am (local Melbourne time) on Monday of the course start.

Melbourne Business School Online will accept enrolments up until 12pm mid-day (local Melbourne time) on the Monday (start date).

Melbourne Business School is jointly owned by the business community and the University of Melbourne. Melbourne Business School is the approved provider of a range of University of Melbourne degree programs. This short course is not delivered on behalf of, or by, the University of Melbourne, and does not provide credit towards a University of Melbourne degree program.

Yes, there will be an assessment component which will enable you to further build on your skills throughout the program.

This course aims to assist business professionals who manage teams, processes or projects. To complete the assessment it's recommended you have access to any of these.

This course is highly immersive. You will be able to interact with a network of likeminded peers via a mix of peer-to-peer discussions and live online sessions.

Upon successful completion you will receive a Melbourne Business School Certificate of Completion. Your certificate takes the form of a shareable digital badge. This provides you the opportunity to showcase to the world your newly acquired skills and serves as a digital record of your achievement.

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