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Excellence with flexibility

Whether you’re a leader of today or tomorrow, you now have access to Australia’s premier Business School, wherever you are.

With six intakes per year, begin or pick up your studies when it suits you best. Study in a flexible way with an online format designed to fit into your life.

Business rigour with practical application

Study a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration that is best in class.

Gain a robust business toolkit that will develop your understanding of how to deliver value across all areas of business.

Bringing together collaboration and networking

A program specifically designed to facilitate collaboration, as well as networking opportunities with industry leaders and business professionals. 

Authentic syndicate groups, plus opportunities to attend online and in-person events, will enrich your connection to peers and industry.

Learn from the best and brightest minds in business

Taught by some of the world's leading academics and industry experts, gain exposure to cutting-edge research through a future-focused curriculum designed to meet the changing demands of the market.

Globally accredited degree

With accreditation from AACSB and EFMD (EQUIS), graduate with a globally accredited degree.

Experience a top-tier learning environment with the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Melbourne Business School Online.



  • Online Study
  • Start: Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Aug, Oct
  • 18+ months
  • $4,880 per subject

Why study a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with Melbourne Business School Online?

Australia's premier Business School is now online

The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration is comprised of nine subjects in total. You will complete the core subject, Business Essentials, and have the choice of which other eight subjects are of interest to you and best align with your career motivations from a list of ten subjects. 

Build on your business skillset to make an immediate impact in your role 

Build a deep and broad understanding across various aspects of business and develop a skillset that you can immediately apply in your role. 

A best-in-class online education

Melbourne Business School is now online. Delivering postgraduate degrees specifically designed to meet your immediate learning needs and accelerate your career goals.

An insight into the world of business efficiencies 

Gain a sound understanding of the critical elements of becoming an efficient business professional. Develop your proficiency in managing a business and people effectively, as well as how to meet operational needs and sustainability objectives.  

Exceptional E-learning

Fuelled by our Signature Pedagogy, we present a best-in-class online business curriculum.  

Community: Enter Australia's premier business network. Gain personal access to a select circle of peers, academic leaders, and industry experts. 

Challenge: Expand strategic thinking across diverse contexts. Go beyond learning to excel, leaving a lasting impact in a complex world. 

Expertise: Explore diverse ideas and opinions to enrich your knowledge base and professional brand.

Engagement: Embark on an immersive academic journey. Dive into tailored learning activities and real-world challenges.

Learn more about our exceptional online learning experience

Quiz and test, weekly reading, video and webinars

What you will study

While undertaking this online Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, you will complete nine subjects, totalling 112.5 credit points, over two years. You will study the equivalent of one subject (12.5 credit points) each study period. There are two half subjects (6.25 credit points) which are indicated in the list below.

Core subject:

This subject establishes a foundation essential not only for being an effective manager, but also for the remainder of the program. It provides an overview of key areas that need to be managed effectively for an organisation to be successful, and the interconnectedness of those areas. Key areas addressed include strategy, marketing, organisational values and sustainability.

The equivalent of eight subjects from those listed below:

Accounting is the “language of business” and is used for performance measurement, business contracting and managerial decision-making. An understanding of and the ability to use accounting information will be essential to students' success as a manager. This subject provides students with foundational accounting knowledge useful not only internally for managerial decision-making, but also for more externally-focused judgments (eg: benchmarking an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses).

Organisations face many adaptive challenges to survive and thrive in a complex and uncertain environment, driven by forces such as globalisation and technology. This subject helps students become leaders in this context. Leadership is particularly important in organisation structures that are flat, flexible, diverse and global.

Organisations operate within a societal context of diverse stakeholders. Students examine the relationship of the organisation with these stakeholders, as well as their own responsibility to stakeholders. They consider strategies for achieving social responsibility goals such as environmental sustainability, employee satisfaction and societal welfare, taking into account both the ethical case and the business case for such strategies.  

Contemporary organisations are awash in data, whether it be about their customers, internal operating processes or financial activities. Harnessing this data allows managers to better understand their organisation, and thus make more informed decisions. This subject addresses fundamental data analytic skills necessary to extract information from data that then can be used to make better managerial decisions.  

Effective management of individuals, teams and organisations requires an understanding of human behaviour. This subject examines human behaviour at the individual, group and organisational levels through a business lens. This subject assists students to better manage themselves, and better manage and lead other people, groups and organisations.

To be successful, organisations need to recognise, create, grow and protect market-based assets that influence demand. This subject focuses on the challenges organisations face in managing demand, and how to address those challenges with optimal demand-side strategies. 

Economics is relevant to everything an organisation does, from its operations and performance to its interactions with stakeholders and society more broadly. This subject addresses fundamental economic concepts and analytical skills, providing students with the tools of economic reasoning necessary for developing and evaluating strategic business options and making better decisions.  

In fiercely competitive global and dynamic environments, organisations face increasing pressures to exceed stakeholder expectations across measures such as sustainability, social responsibility, cost, quality, flexibility and innovativeness. This subject addresses the analysis, design, management and continuous improvement of business processes. It covers core operations concepts essential for leveraging an organisation’s capabilities to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

This subject addresses the foundations of valuation and financial management. Concepts addressed are relevant for a variety of organisations, as well as for personal financial planning and investments. Key concepts addressed in this subject are the valuation of financial assets (eg: shares) and selection of investment projects.

Organisations must decide in which industries and markets to compete and how to achieve success in their chosen industries and markets. This subject provides frameworks and tools for understanding factors and forces that shape organisations’ strategic decisions regarding where to compete and how to succeed. Students identify and analyse key factors and issues that impact strategic decisions, enhancing their strategic mindset and decision-making ability.

The Melbourne Business School Online experience

Melbourne Business School Online provides a flexible and immersive learning experience designed to adapt to the diverse needs and circumstances of all students.

Six intakes per year

With multiple enrolment opportunities per year, adapt your studies to your life - not the other way around.

When life gets too busy, rest assured that the support you need to succeed is at your fingertips.

An online experience designed for today

We provide our students with a premium online learning experience to meet their study goals.

No matter where you study, which device you study on or how you study - the learning experience is of the highest quality. 

Accessible for the ambitious

We have broken down the barriers to studying with Australia’s premier Business School.

Regardless of your work schedule, responsibilities, time zone or other factors studying with Melbourne Business School Online is designed to be accessible for the ambitious.

Fees & Requirements

To apply for the Melbourne Business School Online Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, applicants must have:   

  • A university degree and two years of work experience, or six years of work experience 
  • Two confidential professional referees 
  • Four personal statements relating to their goals and how they can contribute to the program 
  • Met the University's English language requirements 

Documentary evidence of meeting the accepted minimum scores within the previous 24 months may be required.   

The minimum accepted scores are:   

  • IELTS (Academic) – 7.0 overall, with no band less than 6.5   
  • TOEFL IBT – minimum score of 102, with a written score minimum of 24 and no individual score lower than 21   
  • PTE - English Academic PTE with a minimum score of 72, written communicative skill of 65 and no other communicative skill below 64. 

$4,880 per subject*, a total of $43,920 for the program*.   

FEE-HELP is available for eligible Australian citizens. 

*Fees listed are for calendar year 2024. Melbourne Business School Online reserve the right to adjust course fees annually.  

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The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, offered by Melbourne Business School Online, is a comprehensive program designed for individuals seeking to enhance their business skillset. With subjects such as Financial Accounting, Operations, and Strategic Management, this online graduate diploma in business administration provides practical skills for immediate application.

Structured for flexibility, the program allows customisation, with core subjects like Business Essentials and a choice of eight subjects aligning with individual career motivations. This ensures students have access to a best-in-class online education, preparing individuals for impactful roles in various business settings.

As of 2023, the Melbourne Business School Online MBA is ranked as Australia's #1 MBA by QS International Trade Ranking. While specific global rankings may vary, it holds international accreditation from AACSB and EFMD (EQUIS), ensuring it meets high-quality standards.

The program offers flexibility, collaboration opportunities, and a curriculum designed to align with the evolving business landscape, making it a valuable choice for career growth.

The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration imparts a broad understanding across business subjects including Financial Accounting, Marketing, and Leadership. Graduates gain proficiency in managing businesses and people effectively, ensuring they are well-equipped for responsible and ethical business practices.

This online Graduate Diploma in Business Administration provides insights into critical elements, including Managerial Ethics and Business Environment. Graduates gain a sound understanding of ethical considerations, positioning them as efficient and responsible business professionals.

To apply for the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, applicants typically require a university degree and two years of work experience, or six years of work experience. Meeting the University's English language requirements is crucial for entry.

The online Graduate Diploma in Business Administration typically takes two years to complete, providing a flexible timeline for balancing studies with other commitments. Each study period involves the equivalent of one subject (12.5 credit points) .

The Melbourne Business School Online Graduate Diploma, accredited by AACSB and EFMD (EQUIS), offers a globally recognised qualification. With a curriculum designed

to meet immediate learning needs, this Graduate Diploma in Business Administration accelerates career goals, positioning graduates for success in various business roles and industries.