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cheryl.mcgrath 30 November 2023 |

Online learning is reshaping education in Australia. Digital platforms are broadening how students learn and study, dissolving traditional classroom and campus boundaries and making quality education more accessible than ever.   

Flexible online learning is now more than simply convenience—it’s a response to the evolving demands of our fast-paced world. As rapid changes in business technologies makes adaptability vital to long-term success, savvy professionals are turning to online programs to upskill, improve their qualifications, or segue into a new career. 

Melbourne Business School Online, Australia's most highly regarded business school, is at the forefront of this digital revolution, championing a more agile, inclusive and dynamic educational future. Its newly launched Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) is meticulously tailored for those ready to conquer the corporate world, today and tomorrow. 

As Melbourne Business School Online takes a pioneering step forward with its Online MBA, let’s zoom out and understand the broader dynamics of online learning, its growth in Australia and its global ramifications.

The online learning landscape in Australia and worldwide

Technological advances are making online learning a primary mode of study for many rather than just a convenient alternative to on-campus classes. Studies suggest that 76 per cent of today’s prospective Australian tertiary students are employed and wanting to study online to upskill their qualifications, with 44 per cent working full-time, 32 per cent working part-time and 19 per cent working in casual roles.

What’s driving this shift? 

  • The ubiquity and variety of smart learning devices and interactive platforms has enhanced the e-learning experience, allowing you to tailor your education to match your individual learning style and co-create an education that’s more personalised and effective. 
  • Renowned institutions are now offering their most popular programs online, with the support and accreditation of prestigious industry bodies. 
  • The return on investment, in terms of time, job opportunities and skills enhancement, is increased, with many online courses offering fast-tracked and self-paced study that make it easier to get a qualification.

Let’s look closer at other factors making online, self-paced learning an engaging proposition for today’s students. 

Rapid adoption during the pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst in accelerating the shift to online courses in higher education. Institutions across Australia pivoted quickly, ensuring educational continuity amid unforeseen challenges. This swift shift to more online courses and platforms showcased online education’s potential, opening the door to more flexible learning opportunities.

Growing online education market

By 2025, the Australian Government projects the global online learning market will reach a staggering $325 billion. Australia's online education is valued at US$3.85 billion in 2023, with projections soaring to US$5.8 billion by 2027. Over 4 million learners have already embraced online education, with the ABS highlighting that 55 per cent of the 7.8 million Australians engaged in learning (4.29 million) are opting for online platforms. 

Flexible study now common for work training 

Rates of work-related training have more than doubled from 19 per cent in 2016-17 to 55 per cent in 2020-21, according to a 2022 ABS report. Almost half (49 per cent) of those who did formal study in 2022 said it was to increase their job prospects, while around a third (34 per cent) said it was to increase skills in their job or was required for their job. 

Greater access to technology 

High-speed broadband services and mobile devices have democratised access and lowered entry barriers, making online education more feasible and practical for a broader population. At June 2022, 93 per cent of Australian adults had a home internet connection, with the majority connecting via NBN. This brings the classroom into the home or workplace in real-time.

Transition from correspondence learning

Australians are familiar with the concept of distance education, with regional universities providing distance learning for decades. Digital transformation has allowed most Australian universities to embrace flexible online learning, replacing study by correspondence, expanding access to quality university programs and fostering a more inclusive educational environment. 

Greater benefits, diversity and inclusion

Online education doesn't discriminate. The Future of Learning Report 2022 showed that 57 per cent of Australians saw self-paced learning as a major benefit. Interestingly, it's not just the younger generation that's embracing flexible study. Data reveals enrolments among those aged 45 and above have surged in the past five years, making up about 22 per cent of Australia's online student cohort. This dispels the myth that digital literacy is exclusive to younger learners and underscores the adaptability of online platforms. Online learning’s inclusivity ensures everyone, regardless of age, location, or background, has access to quality education, career advancement or lifelong learning.

Benefits of flexible online learning

Beyond the obvious perks of location and time flexibility, online education offers a myriad of benefits tailored to learners. Whether you're a working professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or simply want to learn at your own pace, studying an online degree can be the perfect solution. Let’s delve into the advantages that are redefining the way we approach education today.

Study while working 

Get a degree that works harder for you—one that fits into your life, so you can balance work, family and study with ease. The beauty of online learning lies in its flexibility. No longer do you have to choose between advancing your career and pursuing education. Today’s online programs and degrees are tailored for working professionals to fit around your schedule, ensuring you don't miss out on either. 

Customised learning experiences 

One size doesn't fit all, especially in education. Online platforms empower learners with choices. Unlike traditional study, you won’t have to stick to a rigid schedule, and you can start or resume your studies when it suits you. Whether it's deciding when to study online or choosing from multiple intakes in a year, digital learning puts you in control.

Education without boundaries 

Distance is no longer a deterrent. Studying online ensures that no matter where you are, you can access Australia’s premium online experience and fast-track your ambitions. Melbourne Business School Online academics and staff are also on hand to support your studies and how you want to learn.

Learning, your way 

Everyone learns differently. Traditional learning methods can sometimes be rigid, not catering to individual learning styles. Online education changes that. It offers the freedom to engage with content in a way that suits you best, making the learning process more effective and enjoyable. Digest and analyse program material at your own pace for a best-in-class study experience.

Interactive and engaging

The stereotype that online education is isolating couldn't be further from the truth. Today’s best online university programs prioritise support and interactivity. From forums to video calls, there are ample opportunities to network, collaborate, and ensure you're not on this educational journey alone.

Why choose Melbourne Business School’s Online MBA?

Making the right choice for your education is pivotal for long-term career success. Here's why Melbourne Business School's Online MBA stands out from the crowded online learning space.

A name that opens doors

A 2023 report by QS World University Rankings ranked the Melbourne Business School’s MBA in the top 1 per cent of MBAs worldwide. Tailored for high-performers and owned jointly by the University of Melbourne and business community, its reputation for giving graduates the insights they need to make their mark on the corporate world is second to none. 

Your employment opportunities post-graduation are also stellar. With this MBA on your resume, you’ll become a top-tier candidate for potential employers. The program's reputation precedes itself, signalling to companies that you're primed for leadership roles and progressive career paths.

A best-in-class online education

Now, for the first time, Melbourne Business School Online is offering the MBA held in the highest regard and demand by employers online to give you access to the most ambitious minds in business without being limited by location. 

Melbourne Business School Online has designed its MBA curriculum to ensure a holistic educational experience. You’ll learn from the best, globally recognised academics and industry professionals in a future-focused program tailored to today's market needs.

But it's more than academic rigour—Melbourne Business School Online has also tailored the content of its MBA Online to equip you with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills and wisdom so you’re industry-ready to meet today’s multifaceted corporate challenges head-on. 

Bringing together networking and collaboration

Enjoy invaluable networking opportunities with industry leaders, seasoned professionals and business’ best and brightest to help you further your professional trajectory. While many MBAs don’t require a student to have previous business experience, Melbourne Business School Online’s MBA entry requirements require a minimum of two years’ work experience and an undergraduate degree, or six years’ professional work experience. 

Globally accredited degree

The Melbourne Business School Online MBA is also globally accredited by the AACSB (Global Business Education Network) and EFMD (EQUIS). Both are significant benchmarks in business education, signalling that an institution maintains the highest program standards. It also gives you peace of mind that your study will help increase your career and salary outcomes, just like the world’s top traditional MBA programs. 

In short, the Melbourne Business School Online MBA isn't just a program. It's your ticket to think big, lead with confidence, and face change with finesse. 

Learn from the best in the business

The MBA at Melbourne Business School is so much more than just knowledge. It is an experience that combines Australia's most prestigious business school with the flexibility, innovation and inclusivity of online learning.

Get the Melbourne Business School experience and transform your career. Learn more about our 100% Online MBA today.