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Thirumagal Sat… 19 July 2024 |

Committing to an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a big decision – but is it worth it?

The push for business leaders to improve their performance means equipping yourself with a comprehensive toolkit is no longer just an advantage – it’s necessary. As the world moves faster towards digital transformation and global competition intensifies, having an online MBA can help graduates get ahead.

The benefits of getting an MBA aren’t just about boosting your job prospects. Studying for an MBA is also a transformative experience that broadens your entire business skill set, from expanding your professional network to honing the strategic, leadership and MBA communication skills that set you up as a formidable entrepreneurial force.

Will an MBA help my career?

Doing an online MBA is a significant investment in time and money. As with any higher education course, what you ultimately get out of it largely depends on your unique goals, commitment to study and self-motivation. Your chosen MBA program’s reputation and accreditation also contribute to the program’s overall value.

Doing an MBA shows current and future employers you’re ready to lead. In a 2021 Corporate Recruiters Survey, 91 per cent of organisations across all industries and sectors planned to hire MBA graduates. An MBA education can also enhance your earning capacity – in fact, growth in starting salaries for MBA graduates is slated to outstrip inflation despite the economic challenges, according to MBA News.

An MBA is invaluable if you want to fast-track your path from middle management to a C-suite role – positions that can be tough to secure without the knowledge and skills a graduate business school qualification gives you.

Five benefits of getting an online MBA

Today’s MBAs are evolving to meet the demands of modern professionals as technological advancements and global market dynamics reshape industries at an unprecedented rate.

The new breed of online MBA degrees adds flexibility and convenience for those wanting to accelerate their professional growth without upending their current lifestyle or professional commitments.

Let’s look at the five key benefits that doing an MBA will give you.

Gain future-focused business skills

Online MBA degree programs are meticulously designed to arm students with robust skills crucial for navigating the future of business across a diverse array of subjects, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Strategy and management.

What you learn will prepare you to thrive in various roles across global companies, industries and sectors by sharpening your essential business skills, analytical skills, problem-solving and decision-making talents and enhancing your communication and leadership skills.

You’ll also discover how to translate theory into practical business strategies that help you navigate the dynamic challenges of business, master industry trends and lead with assurance and insight, no matter what your work throws at you.

Accelerate your career progression

Moving up to higher positions, feeling confident in discussions with experts and the potential to land coveted international roles – these opportunities become more accessible with the right MBA program.

An accredited course, like the Melbourne Business School Online MBA, can propel your career, giving you the tools and networks to step into senior roles with confidence.

It equips you to “talk the talk” with peers and opens doors to global opportunities, thanks to the connections you’ll make. After graduating, you’ll navigate your career path with newfound confidence and a broader perspective.

Increase your earning potential

Global trends show MBA graduates can expect a marked improvement in their earning potential compared to their pre-degree earnings. Typically, MBA graduates earn an average of 50 per cent more post-graduation, which translates to $3 million more in earnings over their career lifetime when compared to bachelor’s degree graduates.

In Australia, Melbourne Business School is ranked number one for MBA salary increases, with 58 per cent of graduates reporting increased earnings after graduation. It also produces Australia’s most employable graduates, according to 2024’s QS Global MBA Rankings.

Explore new functions or industries

Employers seek MBA graduates for senior roles due to their knowledge of business management, newfound soft skills and leadership abilities. Here’s a glimpse into where doing an MBA online can lead you:

  • C-suite executive: Positions like Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and more specialised roles such as Chief Data Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer highlight traditional and evolving leadership opportunities for MBA holders.
  • Management consultant: With your broad knowledge of business practices, firms will value the strategic insight you bring to solve complex problems and drive growth.
  • Head of Engineering: An MBA can bridge the gap between technical expertise and leadership, preparing you for roles like Head of Engineering, where you manage engineering challenges, business development and business operations.
  • Investment analyst: Specialising in finance during your MBA can open doors to investment banking and analyst positions, where you apply your understanding of finance in a global context.
  • Program director: Transition from managing projects to leading organisational programs, leveraging the strategic and operational skills you’ve gained through your studies.
  • Operations manager: Oversee business operational efficiency, applying knowledge in logistics, supply chain operation management, project management and systems thinking acquired from your MBA.
  • Head of People and Culture: An MBA can transform HR professionals into strategic partners, driving organisational performance.

Each role benefits from the strategic thinking, leadership skills, and operational and business knowledge an online MBA cultivates, making you a valuable asset in any industry.

Diversify your network

In the business world, your professional network is your net worth. Networking is crucial for career growth, offering a direct line to job opportunities. Employers often turn to their networks to find promising candidates first, making a well-connected professional more likely to land a role.

Online MBA programs provide multiple avenues to enhance your networking skills. You can expect to forge professional relationships with peers, industry leaders and academics through online study groups, social platforms and face-to-face networking opportunities and events.

The benefits of doing an MBA online go deeper than adding a qualification to your resume – it also helps you build a strong professional network that supports your career ambitions long into the future.

Is the Melbourne Business School Online MBA right for me?

If you’re weighing up the advantages of an MBA, you’ll find the Melbourne Business School Online MBA stands out for its exceptional flexibility, quality and global connectivity.

Flexibility meets excellence

Recognised as Australia’s number one MBA program by 2024’s QS World University Rankings, Melbourne Business School combines the flexibility you need to balance work and study with the peace of mind you’re learning from the best of the best through its online MBA.

You’ll join a diverse class of ambitious peers and industry experts online, learn via cutting-edge research for leadership and market demands and chart your own path to business success. We’ve adopted global best practices in learning design, crafting an online learning journey that’s world-class and geared towards the future. And, with six intakes annually, you can start or progress your studies at a pace that perfectly suits your schedule.

Practical learning for real-world impact

The Melbourne Business School Online MBA is recognised locally and internationally for blending academic theory with practical knowledge and business applications. Its curriculum is crafted to make you a problem-solver, a strategic thinker and a leader ready for the challenges of the modern business environment. It equips you with the skills needed to confidently tackle the dynamic demands of today’s market.

Pave the way for a remarkable career – as a graduate, you’ll gain the knowledge and practical experience sought after by employers, preparing you for leadership roles in any industry and setting you up for professional success in a competitive job market.

Learn from the leaders

With a forward-thinking curriculum designed by the world’s leading academics and industry leaders, the Melbourne Business School Online MBA puts you at the forefront of business innovation, exposing you to the ground-breaking research and theories shaping the global marketplace.

Designed with an eye on today’s rapidly changing business environment, our courses give you the skills and knowledge necessary to lead with confidence and strategic insight – ready to make a significant impact in any role or industry you choose to venture into.

A globally recognised degree

Graduating from a program accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)’s Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) means your Online MBA is recognised worldwide. This global stamp of approval is pivotal for those aiming to make an impact on an international scale.

Tailored for tomorrow’s leaders

The Melbourne Business School Online MBA isn’t just a degree. It’s a launchpad for future leaders. Designed to be the most comprehensive online MBA in Australia, the Melbourne Business School Online MBA prepares you for a high-impact career by instilling a blend of strategic thinking, ethical leadership and innovative problem-solving skills.

With 94 per cent of Melbourne Business School’s graduates finding jobs that meet their expectations within three months of completion, the School’s Online MBA is a wise investment for your future.

If you want to accelerate your career, enhance your skills and expand your professional network, this MBA might be the perfect fit.

Learn from experts with Australia’s premier Business School

Pursuing an Online MBA at Melbourne Business School Online is more than an educational decision – it’s a strategic move towards achieving your full potential. Centred on excellence, its mix of global prestige, tangible learning outcomes, meaningful networking connections and innovative online experience is what sets this program apart.

By joining this vibrant community of forward-thinkers, you gain access to cutting-edge research and the collective expertise of industry leaders, setting a solid foundation for transformative growth and success in any sector you choose to excel in.

Discover how our Online MBA can push the limits of what you believe is possible and lay the groundwork for a top-tier career. Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, switch sectors, change careers or shape your own business culture, Melbourne Business School Online sets you on course for remarkable success.

Get the Melbourne Business School Online experience and transform your career. Learn more about our 100% Online MBA today.