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Courtney Mobilia 30 May 2023 |
Event Poster for digital marketing webinar



Become a Digital Marketing leader for a data-driven future

Wednesday, 31 May, 7 pm (AEST)


Are you looking to accelerate your Digital Marketing career and step into a leadership role?

The demand is high for digital marketing experts who are confident in using data to design and develop strategies that reach the customer in a way that makes sense while also delivering greater ROI against budget and fueling sustainable growth. It’s these professionals who hold the key to businesses’ long-term success.


The aim of this event is:

  • To explore career advancement in Digital Marketing.
  • To discuss some of the major skills gaps that exist in the Digital Marketing workforce.
  • To discover how marketers can best prepare themselves for a data-driven future.


The expert panel: 

All speakers were closely involved in the coursework development of the 6-month, online Digital Marketing: Analytics and Strategy Career Accelerator.